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WAQF Program

WAQF Program:

WAQF Program, “A specialized wealth management service by Alkhabeer Capital”, is a holistic advisory solution that addresses the challenges of traditional Waqf by providing innovative Waqf structures, in compliance with best standards of governance, disclosure and independent supervision, to ensure the management of the Waqf affairs in accordance with conditions laid down by the Waqif (Waqf Founder). 

Alkhabeer’s Waqf program provides complete Waqf solutions subject to international and local laws and regulations, and consistent with international standards, starting with the selection of the Waqf structure through the development of the Waqf asset management strategy, with an open platform wealth management methodology, that is based on neutrality in shortlisting and selecting suitable asset managers to manage deferent asset classes of the Waqf investment portfolio to reach the targeted returns on investment.

The Open Platform Wealth Management Approach:

Unlike the regular services of traditional investment management business where the asset manager presents its different products to potential clients, the wealth management approach puts the client's interest first by identifying the client’s needs, goals and investment guidelines, following which a custom made investment strategy is drafted according to those inputs to achieve the client’s goals.

Alkhabeer Capital is now introducing a specialized wealth management advisory service which provides wealth owners and investors with unique solutions, using Alkhabeer’s “WAQF Program”, with the ability to respond to future challenges, and which aims to overcome all worries most investors face in their investment decisions which related to time value of money, inflation, changes in financial environment, right choice of investment decisions, and more. 

This wealth management service provides financial and investment advisory solutions to specific Waqf clients with the need for professional assistance in:

  • Financial planning.
  • Investment strategy.
  • Investment management.



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