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Asset Management

By efficiently allocating capital to the real economy, our funds aim to generate enduring returns to our clients, while addressing their diverse investment objectives.


Alkhabeer Capital Asset Management delivers strong risk-adjusted returns across a range of Shari’a-compliant public and private funds and discretionary portfolios, which it manages for local and international clients. From listed equities and commodities to real estate and private equity, our funds provide investors with exposure to Saudi, GCC and global markets. We blend our deep market knowledge with extensive experience in the sectors in which we invest, to structure world-class funds that meet our clients' needs.
The result is a track record of identifying excellent opportunities, and structuring investment vehicles that achieve solid risk-adjusted returns. Our funds target both conventional and alternative asset classes, providing clients with diversification through sector and geographic scope, and differentiated return objectives.

Alkhabeer Capital always aims to align its interests alongside its clients by investing in the funds it creates, which is one of the strongest contributing factors to the success of our funds. We continually monitor market opportunities and client requirements to develop new investment solutions that anticipate our clients' evolving wealth management needs.

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