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Corporate Governance

Alkhabeer Capital embraces corporate governance and compliance as a source of competitive advantage and sustainable shareholder value.

Robust institutional structures and corporate governance are an important source of differentiation and value to our clients, partners, investors, employees and portfolio companies. These structures help us to grow while maintaining product quality and executional excellence. Our flat organizational structure, unambiguous policies and procedures, and culture of openness encourages innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit that benefits our clients and shareholders.

Our commitment to best-practice corporate governance also provides our clients with the confidence that their funds and their capital are managed, structured and deployed in the most professional manner, and to the highest standards of applicable regulatory compliance. Reflecting this philosophy, Alkhabeer Capital has, since its inception, adopted the culture of a publicly-traded company, including the disclosure of our annual report.

The company’s Corporate Governance Manual details the roles and responsibilities of board members, requirements concerning internal and external audit, risk management policies and procedures, a Code of Business Conduct, compliance requirements, and a Shari’a-compliance audit.

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