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History of Alkhabeer

We have grown from a small advisory service provider to one of the leading boutique among Saudi investment management firms by consistently exceeding our clients' expectations.

In 2004, a committed team of banking professionals formed an advisory firm to develop Shari’a-compliant structured products for financial institutions, and to provide advisory and placement services to corporates, covering both debt and equity transactions. By 2006, the Jeddah-based firm – which was known as Alkhabeer Financial Advisors (Alkhabeer means "expert" in Arabic) – was engaged by a majority of Saudi banks to develop investment products for them, and had received a large number of investment banking mandates.

With a growing list of clients attracted by the firm's innovation, professionalism and results, Alkhabeer Financial Advisors expanded the scope of its activities to reach a larger client base in Saudi Arabia, the wider MENA region, and other international markets. In 2007, the firm approached some of Saudi Arabia's most respected businessmen and family groups in a private placement that raised SR 813 million (US$ 217 million).

In 2008, Saudi Arabia's Capital Market Authority granted underwriting, managing, arranging, advisory and custody licenses to the firm, now known in the market as Alkhabeer Capital. That same year, Alkhabeer International BSC(c) was established with an initial paid-up capital of over US$ 100 million to establish a local presence in Bahrain and expand the firm’s services. Alkhabeer International is licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain as a Category 1 Investment Business Firm (Islamic Principles). In 2009, the firm received CMA approval for a dealing in principal license.

Alkhabeer Capital employs over 80 professionals with exceptional backgrounds and accomplishments, serving clients through its Asset Management and Advisory divisions, and managing the firm's proprietary capital.

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