Alkhabeer Capital is a prominent asset management company specializing in alternative investments and providing innovative world-class products and services to institutions, family offices, and qualified high-net-worth investors.

The Company’s Shari’ah-compliant business activities are distinguished by the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct, executional vigor, and a profound understanding of clients’ investment needs and risk profiles.

Alkhabeer Capital is recognized as the company of choice for sourcing Shari’ah-compliant products and solutions through its insightful approach to creating partnerships with clients for sourcing and investing in attractive investment opportunities.

The Company has developed distinctive values to strengthen such partnerships, and endeavors to invest its capital to maximize its value proposition to shareholders and clients. This is supported by a high-caliber team of professionals with diverse expertise and extensive experience.

Investment Opportunities

Alkhabeer’s track record in the Saudi Arabian market capitalizes on investment opportunities created by economic and regulatory developments.

Company’s investments are well diversified by sector and geography across the GCC region, together with selected global markets including the United States and the United Kingdom.

Alternative Investment

Our focus is primarily on providing alternative investment opportunities through a wide range of real estate and private equity private placement funds.

Private equity private placement funds. Real estate activities are focused on religious tourism hospitality-based opportunities within Makkah and Medina and an opportunistic approach towards acquiring income-generating real estate assets in other key cities across Saudi Arabia. Private equity investments target defensive sectors such as education and healthcare, plus manufacturing businesses that have strong exporting activities together with a selective approach to the retail and food and beverage sectors.

Capital Market

Alkhabeer provides a wide spectrum of Shari’a compliant investment management services tailored to the needs of high net worth and institutional clients.

Our dedicated investment managers cover Saudi Arabia and GCC markets across the equity and fixed income universe, and are supported by an in-house team of buy-side research professionals. Our investment services are offered through Discretionary Portfolio Management agreements where a client can determine his/her market risk and return appetite.