Alkhabeer Capital announces the call for a meeting of Alkhabeer REIT Fund’s Unitholders (first meeting)

6 April 2021

Tuesday, April 6, 2021


Announcement Topic

Alkhabeer Capital invites the Unitholders of Alkhabeer REIT Fund (the “Fund”) to attend the Unitholders’ meeting on Sunday, 13 Ramadan 1442 corresponding to 25 April 2021, to be held through modern technology using “Tadawulaty” services to discuss the following agenda:

Meeting Agenda

1. Vote to increase the total assets value of the Fund by approximately SAR 335.5 million; by offering additional units to acquire additional real estate assets and to pay the related expenses and costs.

2. Vote on the amended Terms and Conditions of the Fund, which is mainly updated to reflect the increase in the total assets value of the Fund.

The amended Terms and Conditions will be released to the public in sufficient time before the meeting’s date. The quorum required to conduct this meeting of Unitholders shall be such number of Unitholders holding collectively at least 25% of the total value of units registered in Securities Depository Center “Edaa” are required at the end of the trading session prior to the General Assembly.

Date of MeetingSunday, 13 Ramadan 1442 corresponding to 25 April 2021
Meeting VenueMeeting will be held remotely using “Tadawulaty” services
Time of Meeting09:30 pm
Link to Meeting Venue


Additional Information

Voting will commence for Unitholders registered in “Tadawulaty” services on Tuesday, 08 Ramadan 1442 corresponding to 20 April 2021, from 10:00 am until the end of the meeting. Registration and voting in “Tadawulaty” services will be available and free to all Unitholders using the following link:

Noting that the eligibility to register the attendance at the Assembly’s meeting ends at the time of the Assembly, and the right to vote on the Assembly’s items for the attendees ends with the end of the meeting.

Accordingly, the Fund Manager hopes that all Unitholders will register in “Tadawulaty” services to participate and vote remotely on the Assembly’s items. If there is any inquiry or questions relating to the Assembly’s items, please contact our Customer Service by telephone: 920010707 or email:

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