Discretionary Portfolio Management

Discretionary Portfolio Management

Alkhabeer Capital’s DPM team has engineered several Ideal portfolios that broadly represent distinct risk groups. However, each and every client portfolio will be custom-built based on the client’s preferences and needs.

Our DPM service is offered exclusively to HNW clients and institutional investor who receive the highest level of client-servicing, and are regularly updated with market developments, risk reporting and portfolio performance. Investors receive regular updates and annual client visits with the portfolio and business development teams.

Our portfolio

Risk Averse: Objective is principal preservation with inflation plus returns. Investments may include Murabaha, funds, or principal-protected structures.

Income: Objective is income generation through low risk investments. Investments may include Sukuks, Murabaha, funds, or principal-protected structures.

Balanced: Objective is capital growth through a balanced allocation. Investments may include equities, Sukuks, Murabaha, funds, or principal-protected structures.

Aggressive: Objective is high capital growth. Investments may include equities, high yield Sukuks and funds.