Investors’ Rights

Commitment to Investors’ Rights

Alkhabeer Capital binds its client relationships with investors according to the approach and intentions of the Statement of Investor Rights developed by the CFA Institute.

The Statement of Investor Rights outlines the fundamentals and rights that should be adhered to when offering investment products and financial services, and the conduct that investors deserve to expect from financial services providers. These rights form the basic ethical principles that are necessary to establish professional trust between financial services providers and investors. These principles apply – but are not limited – to: investment management, research, and advisory.

Whether the investor participates in investment portfolios or funds, or receives a financial advice from Alkhabeer Capital, the Statement of Investor Rights is a useful tool for helping him/her understand his/her rights and dues. It also serves as a reference for the investor to hold, Alkhabeer Capital, and its employees accountable to these rights, thereby nurturing a sense of trust, respect and integrity in the investment services provided.

For full details of the Statement of Investor Rights, please click here.

Commitment to Professional Conduct

As part of its commitment to investors’ rights and ethical, professional standards in serving its clients, Alkhabeer Capital claims compliance with the CFA Institute Asset Manager Code of Professional Conduct. This claim has not been verified by CFA Institute.

A list of firms claiming compliance with the Code can be found here. For full details of the Asset Manager Code of Professional conduct, please click here.