Private Equity

Allocating Capital

By efficiently allocating capital to the real economy, our funds generate enduring returns to our clients while addressing their diverse investment objectives.

Alkhabeer Private Equity is a trusted partner to family businesses and family-owned conglomerates in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the region. We are closely involved with the senior management of our portfolio companies to realize both operational and financial value for all parties, including our co-investors. We invest in potential targets through opportunity-specific funds that are significantly seeded by proprietary capital from Alkhabeer Capital. Target companies are primarily selected with an eye to the following investment strategies:

Acquire Majority Stakes

Acquire Majority Stakes in Non-Core Operating Companies owned by Diversified Family Groups

In many cases, targeted operating companies face management and/or succession challenges that impact their business growth potential in the local or regional market. Through our experience in managing portfolio companies and building collaborative relationships with our equity partners and senior executives of the acquired companies, we aim to grow the acquired targets and prepare them for an optimal exit through a trade sale to private investors, strategic players or an Initial Public Offering (IPO) within a three to five-year period.

Acquire Significant Minority Stakes

Acquire Significant Minority Stakes in Blue-Chip Companies with IPO Prospects

By leveraging our solid experience in navigating companies through the stock market filing process, we are able to work with the existing shareholders and management teams of our investee companies to ensure a successful exit through an IPO at the designated time period.

Acquisition Partnerships

Acquisition Partnerships with International Players

We also aim to form acquisition partnerships with international players that have commercial interests in Saudi Arabia, and create bidding consortiums to acquire up to 100 percent of target companies in the Kingdom.


Investments in Small and Medium Size Enterprises

Alkhabeer’s Private Equity program has also complemented its business with a local focus on Saudi- based small and medium size enterprises (SMEs). We aim to target companies with at least three years of proven, growing and profitable business operations; and we invest in strong and experienced management teams who demonstrate solid ability to scale and expand their businesses. Through our partnerships with SME owners and founders, we aim to add value by improving management capabilities as well as implementing a focused and committed strategy to expand our investee portfolio of SMEs in Saudi Arabia.