Real Estate


By efficiently allocating capital to the real economy, our funds generate enduring returns to our clients while addressing their diverse investment objectives. Alkhabeer Capital Real Estate focuses on the creation of new investment products that are unique, well-managed and high performing in comparison with their peer group.

We seek to provide competitive risk-adjusted returns from direct property ownership through our sector-leading capabilities, and our disciplined approach to investment performance. We cater to investors with varying risk appetites and differing return objectives.

Our investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy is built around our understanding of real estate investment at a strategic as well as an asset level. Investment opportunities are created using extensive research, a deep understanding of real estate fundamentals, and meticulous valuation processes. We offer a diverse product range locally and internationally, encompassing all main categories of real estate investment management, including core, core-plus, value-added and opportunistic real estate strategies and investments.

Professional Team

We make it our business to understand our clients’ requirements in order to design investment strategies and devise asset allocations that meet their objectives. We create investment opportunities for our clients by matching their requirements in terms of risk-return profile and geographical and sector preferences. We employ a dedicated team of real estate and investment professionals with a proven local and international track record in real estate investment, development, funds management and finance. The team operates in different groups focused on a particular style of investing. Each team actively manages funds throughout the holding period, including acquisitions, development, ongoing asset management and sales, and is directly accountable for performance.