Alkhabeer REIT

Alkhabeer REIT

Alkhabeer REIT is a publicly offered closed-ended Shari’a-compliant real estate investment traded fund created in accordance with applicable Saudi laws and regulations and is subject to Capital Market Authority (CMA) regulations. It aims to generate periodic rental income and regular cash dividends in excess of 9% annually, distributed quarterly.


Alkhabeer REIT’s initial real estate investment portfolio includes properties focusing on the retail, office and residential real estate segments, strategically distributed in Jeddah, Riyadh and Tabuk.

Alkhabeer REIT’s Terms and Conditions

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Alkhabeer REIT’s Factsheet

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Alkhabeer REIT’s Executive Summary

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Alkhabeer REIT’s Annual Reports

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Fund's IPO Results:

Total number of units offered for subscription: 23,754,486
Total value of units offered for subscription: 237,544,860
Total number of units subscribed: 24,712,650
Total value of units subscribed (SR): 247,126,500
IPO coverage percentage: 104.0336%
Number of applications: 10,985
Total number of subscribers: 25,124

The Fund’s Valuation Reports

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Alkhabeer REIT Financial Statement

The Annual Financial Statement of 31 December 2019, click here.

The Interim Financial Statement of 30 June 2019, click here.


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